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Thanks – little word – big effect

„Ingratitude is the world’s reward!” is an old saying. That sounds a bit stilted to us today, but it means nothing other than that you can’t automatically expect gratefulness for your services. Out of my own experiences I know that this causes frustration because you quickly feel exploited. But ingratitude also leads to unhappiness and in the end, this can even lead to wars! A look at the world history confirms this until today!

My partner Dirk Eckart and I believe that we have to do something to counter this. We see ourselves as MUTMACHER (courage makers). We wish that the power of the little word “Thanks” will be rediscovered. We are committed to this in different ways.  

Practise makes perfect

We regularly visit the secondary school in Döbeln, where we prepare the students from seventh to tenth grade for work life, especially in the craft. We have noticed that the words “thank you” and “please” are rarely used there. 

That’s why we also work on getting young people to consciously include “please” and “thank you” in their vocabulary during our school visits. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the teachers at the secondary school in Döbeln and especially the practical advisor Uwe Schöffel for the opportunity to work with the students.

On the move together

We also want to encourage our employees, business partners and customers to say or write “thank you” (and “please”) as often as possible. They are a sign of recognition and appreciation. You can find suggestions and inspiration for this in our new blog

Our office will also become a craft room over the next few days. We will be making “gratitude stones” together.

We discovered this idea in a YouTube video and were thrilled. We want to give these gratitude stones to our customers as an “thank you reminder” in daily life.

Spread gratitude

Thank you and please are just small words, but they have the power to change our society and the way we life together for the better. We want to actively spread this message from now on and hope that you will also be inspired by it.

Have you already experienced how a “thank you” or “please” has changed something for the better? Then share it in the comment section!

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